Who are you people and where’s my beer?

All good questions. We have a lot to talk about in the days ahead, so I’ll try to keep this first post succinct. First, welcome to our new website. Take a look around. Learn about us on our Story page, wander over to the Contact page, say hello and sign up for the forthcoming newsletter, and soon we’ll have information about our beers and wholesale distribution posted. For now, a few answers to questions-not-yet-asked-that-could-be-asked-frequently (QNYATCBAF):

  • WHAT? Delicious beers. Seattle/NW regional self-distribution starting fall 2014, plus onsite taproom in Georgetown.
  • WHEN? Starting September 2014. Licensing approval came through last week (!!!), so we can get to work as soon as we complete building the brewery. All the pieces are here, we just have to assemble them. This may be a slight oversimplification.
  • BREWERY? Our shiny new 10 barrel brewery, custom built for us by Portland Kettle Works, is ready to brew.
  • TAPROOM? Yep. It’s going to be sweet. Plenty of room to relax with friends. Taproom looks into the brewery facility and features gorgeous handmade wood tables and bar tops. Located at 5th and Michigan in Georgetown, we’re easy to find and have plenty of parking. More info on special events and other weirdness as we progress.
  • BEER! Uh, yeah. We’ll serve all of our beers by the glass on-site, as well as fill growlers to go and have 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel kegs available. Some beers will be available in bottles and/or cans, but there will be special treats only available on tap as well. Possible guest taps, ciders, and wine soon but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
  • FOOD? Whatever you bring in. Stay tuned for food truck schedule once we’re up and running. There are some nice spots to grab some take out nearby, too.
  • KIDS? We like them just fine, and they are allowed, but  keep in mind we are a beer bar and brewery. Not sure how much fun that is for a 7-year-old.
  • ANIMALS? We love them. But King County says service animals only. Them’s the rules.
  • WHAT ELSE? I don’t know, you tell me. Drop us a line.