Progress Report

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We’ve been continuing to work through all of our licensing requirements and lining up our building permit, which is the current obstacle. Until we start building inside the space, we have limited things to squawk about. But it’s coming soon, and then we’ll blow this thing up with pictures and updates leading up to the beginning of commercial production.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look inside and a woefully incomplete playlist of the dulcet tones that have been feeding our earholes while we’re building tables for the taproom, submitting licensing paperwork to the TTB, homebrewing test batches, playing with label graphics, and whatever the hell else we’ve been doing:

Mid-June, 2014:

Building bar tops and tables. Sanding and epoxying our brains out. We built these from parallel strand lumber, which is made up of wood scraps that are then bonded together, forming beams that are textured, beautiful, extremely strong, and comprised of reclaimed material.
bartop finish



We’ve also been tasting. Ever tasting. So many fantastic local beers. The Washington Beer Commission puts on several great beer festivals each year. You should go. We can’t wait to participate soon and are enjoying our hopeful last days as attendees rather than vendors. We’ve also been taking some time to check out some of our local friends. The great people and beers from Schooner Exact, Machine House, Georgetown, Tin Dog, Burdick, Peddler, American, and Salish Seas have been greatly helpful to us to varying degrees, even those who don’t know we’ve been in, as well as many others that we’ll shout out to in later posts. Now back to work.