Building? Building.

As of this week, it’s been a year since we sat down with our former employers and informed them of our plans to leave our productive, rewarding careers to brew beer professionally. It was a strange and difficult yet positive conversation. At the time, we hoped to be in production within about nine months.

work frankWe’ll mostly gloss over the ensuing months of licensing, permitting, paperwork, waiting and delays because they’re boring as hell to read about. But we didn’t waste the time. In some respects, it was good to have some extra time refining recipes, tinkering with variables and ingredients on a very small brewing scale, considering marketing, design, labels, tap handles… but now, all the licenses and permits are in hand. We’ve demolished the inside of our 5,000 square foot warehouse and are now building the Counterbalance Brewery. We’re doing as much of it as we can ourselves, along with the assistance of many great friends. It’s hard and it’s fun.

We’ve been able to reclaim/reuse quite a lot of the old construction materials in reconfiguring the space, along with building our tasting room bar and tables from beams made of reclaimed wood scraps. Leveraging our own labor in all the building maybe isn’t the quickest way to go, but it has allowed us to do things exactly the way we want to and save some of the budget for what really matters– the beer.

Ironically, that’s the part we’re not quite ready to talk too much about just yet. We’ve got several recipes ready for production, but we’re going to hold off squawking about them for a little bit longer.

In the meantime, we wanted to at least give a little glimpse into what we’re working on. This week, we’re framing in some office/kitchenette space and the tasting room. As I slug my coffee and type this morning with ears plugged at 7:30am, concrete floors are being cut for drainage and plumbing. It’s really loud.

Packaging labels are just about finalized and ready to go. Tap handle designs are coming along. Tasting and recipe analysis continues as always. Work days are getting longer and longer, which is a good thing. We’re excited to share the beer, and we’re getting there slowly but surely. It’ll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, please say hello through our contact page and any/all of our social media outlets and let us know what you’d like to know more about. We’ve got a lot of fun planned for the coming months, and sign up for our newsletter to keep up on the big stuff– special events, grand openings, and great craft beer.